Birżebbuġa – Birzebbuga

Today Birzebbuga is a Thriving seaside town. It boasts of a beautiful beach, a fine hotel, restaurants, bars, boutiques, beauticians, gift shops and many others that go a long way to making life in Birzebbuga a pleasure. The main attraction is the gazebo, which which stands in the centre of the bay, which is surrounded by a pleasant walkway, which takes you from one end of the beach to the other. There is also a playing field, which is greatly enjoyed by the children and a Greek Theatre where many functions are held during the summer months. It is a great meeting place for both residents and tourists and is wonderfully peaceful during the winter.

The most popular of all in Birzebbuga are the two clubs, both of which have their own band. Their music is of the highest quality and they are the focal point in Birzebbuga’s important festival of the year.
The feast of St. Peter in chains is celebrated on the first weekend of August when both bands march through the town to the enjoyment of the crowds who follow it. The highlight of the whole Feast is the carrying of St. Peter’s Statue through the streets, the climax being when the statue is carried back into the church, and the spectacular firework display. The brightly decorated streets of the main town are lined with hawkers selling souvenirs, nougat, toys and food. Many tourists come to the Feast during their holidays as a special treat and they mingle, not only with the residents of Birzebbuga but also with the many people who come from other villages throughout Malta to enjoy the celebrations.


Fortified Wall at Borġ in‑Nadur

This fortified wall dates back to the Bronze Age, around 1,500 before Christ and it is the oldest fortification structure in the Maltese Islands. Built in the shape of a ‘D’ with a height of 5 metres, this wall was intended to close off the gorge of a hill on top where a Bronze Age village thrived. In fact, some huts were discovered on this site which were habitated by Bronze Age people who built the wall in order to defend their community.

Dalam Valley & Ta’ Kaċċatura Villa (Inaccesble)

In ancient times, Wied Dalam used to form part of a river which ended in Birżebbuġa Harbour. Its name derives from Għar Dalam cave which is found in the area. In this valley sits a Roman country-house known as ‘Ta’ Kaċċatura’ which dates to the second century before Christ, although it could even date to the Punic period. Like other Roman villas, this country-house was used for the production of olive oil. It also includes a large cistern whose ceiling rests on large stone columns.

Ferretti Battery

Ferretti Battery | Birzebbuga Local Council

This semi-circular coastal battery is one of many built by the Order of St John between 1715 and 1716 to defend the coast against enemy landings. It includes two blockhouses and a redan on its rear,  and was named after the knight Francesco Maria Ferretti who donated the sum of 917 scudi for its construction. In order to defend St George’s Bay, in 1770 it was equipped with four guns which were increased to six in 1785, even though it could take up a maximum of eight guns.

Chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians

The chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians was built in 1833 by Dr Matteo Cachia adjacent to his residential house. Inside, the chapel comprises one altar. In front of the chapel stands a statue which is a replica of the titular painting and which was already in place by 1861. This chapel is private and not open to the public.


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