Tiny, tear-shaped Bled Island beckons from the shore. There’s the Church of the Assumption and a small museum, the Provost’s House, but the real thrill is the ride out by pletna (gondola). The pletna will set you down on the south side at the monumental South Staircase (Južno Stopnišče), built in 1655. The staircase comprises 99 steps – a local tradition is for the husband to carry his new bride up them.

There is no charge to visit the island, except for what you pay to travel there (eg the gondola ride or hire of a rowboat); you are free to wander and visit the cafe and souvenir store. However, there is an admission charge to enter the church.


  • Walk up the stairs and stop at the historic chapel.
  • Ring the wishing bell.
  • Climb to the bell tower to enjoy in a beautiful view and see the mechanical oscillation clock in action. From there you can also see the wishing bell if you look towards the top of the church.
  • Try one or more types of traditional Slovenian potica cakes at Potičnica.
  • Walk through the sales gallery and pick a souvenir.
  • Walk along the path around the island.


INFOCENTER Triglavska roža Bled
Ljubljanska cesta 27, SI - 4260 Bled
+386 (0)4 5780 205