About us

Our company BONUS HK sro was founded in 1993. Since its establishment, it has gradually become the exclusive representative or distributor of several European manufacturers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, mainly in the field of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries and in technology and machinery for glass industry. 

We represent:

Company Live Research in Germany manufactures and supplies plastic formable foils for the pharmaceutical industry – a standard blister packaging products, films for blisters on the vial. It also supplies shrinkable PVC films and films for printing, office applications, visual packaging and films for technical use.

From the multinational group AMCOR FLEXIBLES we represent plants producing foils for pharmacy and cosmetics, aluminum foils for dairy, aluminum foils for technical use and further processing (printing, lamination, cutting, etc.). Production plants are in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and Spain.

We also represent manufacturers of tubular glass vials and ampoules with plants in France – Nipro PharmaPackaging France and in Germany – Nipro PharmaPackaging Germany .

Croatian manufacturer ACG Lukaps , which is a member of the Indian group ACG Worldwide and produces hard gelatin, cellulose and fish gelatin capsules. The capsules can be supplied in virtually any color, including mother-of-pearl, and printed.

The French manufacturer EMA Pharmaceuticals , which is a manufacturer of various types of cap caps for glass bottles in a wide range of aluminum colors and plastic caps.

Italian companies EMMETI and   SIPAC ( ; ), which are manufacturers of semi-automatic and fully automatic palletizers, depalletizers, robot palletizers and conveyors, designed for both manufacturers of packaging (glass, plastics, metals etc.) and for users of packaging (producers of food, beverages, mineral waters, drugstore goods, etc.)

The Italian company BOTTERO ( ), which manufactures in-line forming machines, including all accessories, for the production of glass containers – bottles, jars, etc.

The Portuguese company Vidromecanica ( ), which manufactures machines and equipment for cooling, decorating and tempering glass, as well as for surface treatment (coating at the hot and cold ends).


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