Bonyhád is a town in Tolna County in Southwestern Hungary.

It is often called the capital of the Valley

Points of interest 

In the former castle park we find the castle of Béla Perczel, the founder of the enamel factory , which was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • With its 9 cemeteries (two of them Jewish) it is one of the richest settlements in the cemeteries.
  • In addition to its functioning Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed churches, Baptist house of worship, there are two non-functioning synagogues in the city (one Orthodox and one Neolog).
  • Bonyhád erected a public statue for the first time in the world in memory of Wass Albert, a Transylvanian poet and writer.
  • Valley Museum
  • Bonyhádi Petőfi Sándor Evangelical Grammar School and school museum
  • Kindergarten museum
  • Fire Museum
  • Lake Szecska
  • Calvary
  • Tomb chapel of the Ermel-Vojnits family
  • Perczel mansion
  • Former residential house of Mihály Vörösmarty in Alsóbörzsöny
  • Graveyard in which members of the Perczel family, including General Mór Perczel, rest.
  • Gencsy Castle , also known as the ‘enamel’ Perczel Mansion
  • Szekler Memorial Park
  • The former Merciful Samaritan Hospital and Immaculata is a subsidiary run by nuns of the Order of St. Vincent of Paul.
  • The tallest May tree in the country with its 32 meters.
  • Thermal spa
  • Ruins of a Gothic church (at the intersection of Main Road 6 and Forberger Street, covered)


  • Enamel Factory (1909)
  • Shoe factory (1917)
  • Bonyhád landscape breed (Bonyhád variegated) cattle


One of the most important enterprises of the city is the German-owned Danubiana Kft., Which carries out grape processing in Hungary in addition to Bonyhád. E ltd. markets mainly white wines, mainly in Western and Northern European countries, including chardonnay, green Veltelin, royal girl and muscat; domestic turnover is around 10 percent.


Bonyhád Joint Municipal Office
7150 Bonyhád Széchenyi Square 12.
74 / 500-200