Botanicus historical craft village in Ostrá


Botanicus historical craft village in Ostrá: a window on the Middle Ages

Inside the gates of this historical village you can set off on a guided or independent tour to learn about crafts and the way of life in the Middle Ages. Visit historical homesteads and become acquainted with traditional crafts.You will learn about the work of tinkers, potters, shoemakers, candlemakers and ropemakers. You can try your own hand at many of the crafts. There are weekend events for children in the summer. At a medieval-style market you can purchase locally crafted products, and at historical celebrations you can sample delicious spiced wine and mead and enjoy performances of singing, dancing and juggling. You can indulge in pleasant relaxation in an extensive herb garden with a natural maze and labyrinths.


Botanicus historical craft village in Ostrá
Ostrá 8, 289 22 Lysá nad Labem
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