Bourg-en-Bresse is a commune in eastern France, capital of the Ain department, and the capital of the ancient province of Bresse. It is located 70 km (43 mi) north-northeast of Lyon.

The inhabitants of Bourg-en-Bresse are known as Burgiens.

 Mayor (2020–2026)Jean-François Debat
Area123.99 km2 (9.26 sq mi)
Population (2017-01-01)41,527
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)


Bourg-en-Bresse benefits from a privileged location as both a regional and European crossroads, which favors its expansion as a center of exchanges. Bourg-en-Bresse is the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ain .

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Companies agglomeration 

Thanks to its location as an economic crossroads at regional and European level, the town with its star-shaped road network of which the agglomeration is the center, allows easy access to the heart of the city (fairground), a traditional meeting place between a a rich supply of renowned agricultural products (poultry) and significant final or intermediate demand (supply from the Lyon region).

The position of crossroads and center of a rich agricultural region has made it possible to develop processing activities for agricultural products and associated services. The manufacture of trailers and slaughterhouses have flourished to this day, while the valuation of agricultural products has adapted to the needs of consumers (ready meals). A research and development center (Alimentec) completes the city’s agrifood vocation. Finally, the Giraudet company , created in 1910 by Henri Giraudet, specializing in the production and sale of quenelles, sauces and soups, has set up its head office there.

It has seen its industrial activity develop thanks to the establishment of the Berliet factory (today the Renault Trucks factory in Bourg-en-Bresse) intended for the manufacture of heavy goods vehicles. The heavy goods vehicle sector has become the major activity with several thousand jobs working in companies that are sometimes leaders in their field (tractors, carriers, refrigeration cells, trailers for various applications, special utility vehicles, distribution, etc.).

Behind this flagship activity, Bourg-en-Bresse is, moreover, a metallurgical center specializing in the transformation of metal wires (wire drawing, heat treatments, assembly or sheathing) for mechanical and electrical applications (traction cables, energy transport ). 


Shops are very present in Bourg, especially in the city center where there is a variety of shops with local shops. 

There is the Site de Brou shopping center where the Carrefour hypermarket is located among others . To the north of the city, the Cap Émeraude shopping center, built in 2010, is structured around the E.Leclerc brand . Near the Quinet high school is located a smaller shopping center than the other two, it hosts an Intermarché . It is the same for the small center located near the Verchère stadium where there is a Casino .

In Viriat , near the Fleyriat hospital, many brands are concentrated in the Chambière business area and in the La Neuve shopping center inaugurated in 2011.


The Gare de Bourg-en-Bresse railway station offers connections to Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon and Geneva by high-speed rail, and several regional destinations. The A39 motorway connects Bourg with Dole and Dijon, the A40 with Mâcon and Geneva.


Primary education 

The municipality operates 15 kindergartens and 16 public elementary schools. The city also has 4 private school groups.

Secondary education 

The city of Bourg-en-Bresse has four public colleges (Brou, Revermont, Victoire-Daubié and Thomas-Riboud) and three private (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Joseph and Jeanne-d’Arc). There are other colleges in the agglomeration, notably in Saint-Denis-lès-Bourg and Péronnas .

Higher School of Teaching and Education

Bourg-en-Bresse has several public general education high schools. The general high schools are the Lycée Lalande (1,200 pupils) located in the city center, as well as the Carriat high schools (2,500 pupils) and Edgar-Quinet (1,500 pupils).

Higher education 

The universities of Lyon are represented in Bourg, in particular by four departments of IUT and the campus of Charité (branch, accessible until license, of the University Jean- Moulin-Lyon-III ). Bourg also has one of the three IUFMs of the Lyon academy. 

The city also has a school for deaf young people, the Institut des Jeunes Sourds Saint-Joseph.


Important city since the counts of Savoy installation, Bourg has since the xi th  century hospitals with the establishment of the hospital Saint-Jean-Le-Screamer located in Bridge of Goats

At the same time, the establishment of Charité was also an important place of health at the time. 

In addition to the public hospital establishment, the Convert clinic has existed since 1919, which has been installed since 1974 on its current site near Sardières.


Cultural events and festivities 

The Glorieuses de Bresse are held there every year, as well as in the towns of Louhans , Pont-de-Vaux and Montrevel-en-Bresse . 

Every year in the middle of November is organized the feast of Saint-Martin. Today, the festival spans two weeks, the fairgrounds set up their attractions on the fairgrounds .

Every year, in the fall, “The friends of Roger Vailland” meet since 1985 to discuss the work of the writer Roger Vailland , winner of the 1957 Goncourt Prize , and publish the contributions of the participants in Les Cahiers Roger Vailland . 


The town has a rich gastronomy. On its tables, one can find as a product resulting from the Bressan soil the chicken of Bresse , which became a French controlled label of origin (AOC). The town is located in the geographical area of ​​the AOC Cream and Butter of Bresse  and the AOC Volailles de Bresse. Among the typical dishes which made the reputation of Bresse, we find the fondue Bressane. There are also many local wines from Bresse.

The town shines in terms of gastronomy thanks to its famous chefs, Jacques Pépin , who works across the Atlantic and who is a native of Bourg-en-Bresse, and Georges Blanc . The latter is one of the great French chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers of the village of Vonnas , one of the most beautiful flower-filled villages in France in the heart of Bresse.


The church of Notre-Dame (Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonciation de Bourg-en-Bresse) (16th century) has a façade built in the Renaissance; other parts of the church are Gothic. In the interior there are stalls of the 16th century. The other public buildings, including a handsome prefecture, are modern. The town hall contains a library and the Lorin Museum with a collection of pictures, while another museum has a collection of old costumes and ornaments characteristic of Bresse. Among the statues in the town there is one of historian Edgar Quinet, a native of Bourg.

The church of Brou, a suburb of Bourg-en-Bresse, is of great artistic interest. The exterior, especially the façade, is richly ornamented, but the chief interest lies in the works of art in the interior, which date from 1532. The most important are the three mausoleums with the marble effigies of Marguerite of Bourbon, Philibert le Beau, and Margaret of Austria.

Church of Brou

Green spaces and flowering 

Bourg-en-Bresse has many green spaces. Indeed, the city hosts 170  hectares of green spaces with 89.5  hectares of squares and urban parks, 52.5  hectares of golf courses, sports and surroundings and 28  hectares of natural areas and undergrowth. 

  • Parc de la Madeleine.
  • Flower town panel with the three flowers.
  • The Bouvent leisure park
  • The forest of Seillon. This forest is the city’s largest green lung and is shared with the surrounding municipalities, including Péronnas. It is equipped with marked hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking trails, a Randocroquis trail (artistic interpretation of the landscape), picnic and play areas.


Bourg-en-Bresse is a very sporty city. In 1971 , it was named as the sportiest city in France.


  • The US Bresse , the flagship club of the city, rugby club,
  • The Football Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas 01 (former Football Club Bourg-Peronnas, FCBP), football club, he officiates in Ligue 2 . 

Bourg-en-Bresse has its own tennis tournament, a tournament in the “future” category, which takes place every year in July at the Tennis Club de Bourg, trainer of very good players.

The city has been a stage city of the Tour de France four times . She greeted for the first time in 2002 , the Bresse capital was the place of arrival of the 18 th  stage whose starting point was set at Cluses . 

Sports facilities are diverse and spread across the territory. In La Chagne, there is a sports complex with eight tennis courts, three football fields, an athletics stadium and two rugby fours. Along the Avenue des Sports, the Marcel-Verchère stadium and the Carré d’eau municipal swimming pool face each other. In the Vennes district, nine football fields of varying sizes and surfaces are located near the Vennes equestrian center. In addition to this equipment, other structures host sports activities, including school gymnasiums.

The Bouvent leisure park ( 56  hectares) accommodates up to 60,000 people each summer, and has a lake (sailing and kayaking), games and a 9-hole municipal golf course (par 35 of 2,854 meters).


Bourg-en-Bresse town hall
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