Budakeszi is a town in Pest County, in the Budapest metropolitan areaHungary. It is located beyond the János Hill at the western city limits of Budapest, about 12 km (7 mi) west of the Zero Kilometre Stone in the city centre. A popular recreational area, the landscape is characterized by forests, predominantly oaks, by vineyards and by orchards.


  • Dream Valley 
  • Budakeszi Arboretum
  • World War I Memorial (above the Reformed Church, Fő Street)
  • Bust of Ferenc Erkel (Main Square)
  • Memorial plaque of Ferenc Erkel (Erkel street)
  • Steam locomotive (Rózsa street)
  • Anthem statue (Budapest city border, Fő utca)
  • Military graves
  • Methodist Church (with the decorative decoration of Mária V. Majzik (permanent exhibition in the sub-church)) (Rákóczi street)
  • Mária Mezey Memorial House (Petőfi Street)
  • Flag of All Hungarians (Budapest, Fő utca)
  • Bust of the poet Gáspár Nagy (Main Square)
  • Gyula Pászti resting place (primeval bog and mammoth pines)
  • Reformed Church (Memorial Church of Hungarians Across the Border – Péter Basa , Pest County Architecture Award, 1999) (Fő utca)
  • Roman Catholic Church (Church of Our Lady of the Snows – 1761 , Baroque ) (Fő utca)
  • Roman Catholic Church (Church of the Queen of Angels – Baroque ) (Makkosi út)
  • Swabian farmhouses
  • Monument to the Swabian ancestors (in memory of our ancestors) (under the Roman Catholic Church, Fő utca)
  • Bust of István Széchenyi ( intersection of Széchenyi tér , Temető út and Széchenyi utca)
  • Church ruins ( Romanesque style ) (next to the Roman Catholic church, Fő utca)
  • Zoo
  • Gliding Airport (Farkashegy Airport)
  • Bust of Albert Wass (Main Square)
  • ’56 Memorial Stone (Sanatorium Street Main Street Corner)

Culture, education, sports 

The city has a kindergarten, a large primary school, a music school, an art school and two grammar schools, which mostly attract students from smaller settlements in the area, on the one hand, and Budapest, on the other.

Budakeszi schools: Ottokár Prohászka Catholic Grammar School , Sándor Nagy József Grammar School , Széchenyi István Primary School .

The settlement has a well-developed sports infrastructure and is the residence of several athletes of national significance. It is an important stop of the Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest Supermarathon .

The Ferenc Erkel Cultural Center is of regional significance. It organizes many cultural events in the settlement, the most important of which are the Erkel Days, the Budakeszi Family Days, the Makkos Farewell, the Mezei Mária Art Days and the Budakeszi Farewell.

There are numerous NGOs operating in the city that play a significant role in the cultural and community life of the town.

Due to the characteristics of the settlement, many artists live in the city, their activities will be brought together by the KesziArt Association.


Municipality of the City of Budakeszi
2092 Budakeszi, Fő utca 179.
06 (23) 535-710