Budapest Business School

Budapest Business School (BBS) is a public university business school specializing in business studies and social sciences located in Budapest, Hungary. 

The Budapest Business School is Hungary’s market leading and largest business school and conducts education and research in leadershipeconomicsoperations managementmarketingentrepreneurshiporganizational behavior, and other areas; as of this time, its most acclaimed programs are financeaccountingstrategic management, and tourism. The School offers a wide range of graduate-level academic programs and concentrations. In the latest academic year the Budapest Business School offers 12 Bachelor’s degree programs, in case of most programs in English, French, German and Hungarian language as well. It offers 12 Master’s degree programs, of which the most populars are Master of FinanceMaster of Management (equal to MBA), Master of International Business and Master of Tourism Management. Moreover, offers PhD in Management doctoral school, 51 post-graduate professional qualification with either Hungarian, English, German, Dutch or French state degree accreditations, being recognized within the European Union and throughout the world.

Academic profile

The University has teaching and education, research and related organisational units, performing service, administrative, organisational and management tasks. The Academic Organisation and the Chancellery, as two pillars, form the main organisational units that ensure the sustainability and realisation of the university’s goals. The Academic Organisation participates in the supervision of the basic activities of education and research, in the creation of the relevant strategy, and also supervises the management of all educational, research and public education institutions outside the faculty organisations. Current educational, academic and research departments are the following:

  • Institute of Foreign Languages and Communication
  • Institute of Commerce and Marketing
  • Institute of Economics
  • Institute of Quantitative Methods
  • Institute of Management and Business IT
  • Institute of International Business Economics
  • Institute of Finance and Accountancy
  • Institute of Social Sciences and Pedagogy
  • Institute of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business

At the university can be choosen from 10 BA/BSc programs during the admission process in English:

  • Human Resources
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Business Information Technology
  • Commerce and Marketing
  • Communcation and Media Science
  • Community Coordination
  • International Business Economics
  • International Relations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Teacher of Economics
  • Tourism and Catering

There are currently 9 MA/MSc programs available at BBS:

  • Marketing
  • International Economy and Business
  • International Relations
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Teacher of Economics
  • Tourism Management
  • Business Management
  • Economist in Management and Leadership

BBS Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business focuses on businesses and their development. It places emphasis on the business and management topics of SMEs at the heart of its training and research. The program aims to train researchers in the field of social science and in the area of management and organizational sciences, including the field of business research. The doctoral school’s programs based on Masters degrees in economics.

  • PhD in Entrepreneurship and Business


Korom Szilvia Anett
1148 Budapest, Bagolyvár u. 6-10.
+36 1 469-6669