Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics official abbreviation BME, is the most significant University of Technology in Hungary and is considered the world’s oldest Institute of Technology which has university rank and structure. It was the first institute in Europe to train engineers at university level.

More than 110 departments and institutes operate within the structure of eight faculties. About 1100 lecturers, 400 researchers and other degree holders and numerous invited lecturers and practising expert specialists participate in education and research at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Approximately 1381 of the university’s 21,171 students are from 50 countries abroad. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics issues about 70% of Hungary’s engineering degrees. 34 professors/researchers of the university are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


At present the university has eight Faculties (founding date in parentheses):

Faculty of Civil Engineering

  • Civil engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Energy engineering
  • Industrial design engineering
  • Industrial Command Engineering

Faculty of Architecture

  • Architecture

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

  • Chemical engineering
  • Biochemical engineering
  • Environmental engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

  • Electrical engineering
  • Engineering information technology

Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering

  • Transportation engineering
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Logistics engineering

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

  • Technical
    • Engineering management
    • Technical education
  • Economic
    • Applied economics
    • Business and management
    • International business
    • Regional and environmental economics
  • Social
    • Communication and media studies
  • The Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences was founded in 1987 and separated in 1998.


All Hungarians who pass the Hungarian secondary school matura with enough points are eligible for admission, as well as for anyone else in possession of an International Baccalaureate (again, with enough points).

As with all Hungarian universities, a tuition fee of around $1000 has to be paid each semester for the Hungarian program. No extra fee is required for Hungarians for whom it is their first university, unless they spend more than 13 semesters there.

The university offers extensive English language programs on all its faculties, at all levels of study (Preparatory Year, Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of ArtsMaster of ScienceDoctor of Philosophy). The Tuition fees vary from €2000 – €4500 per semester. 6% of all students come from different countries of the world representing over fifty different countries; the majority of the students in the English Program are from USEngland and Germany.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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