The history of the company dates back to 1996, when as a natural person it was only engaged in the production of plastic products. Gradually, we began to develop technologies for welding plastics, such as rulers, benders and extruders.

Since 2007, the company has become a legal entity and now, in addition to the production of plastic welding wires and plastic recycling, we also offer the production and service of welding equipment. We also offer spare parts and accessories for these devices.

We currently supply plastic wires and welding equipment to most leading manufacturers of swimming pools, sumps, septic tanks, reservoirs and many other plastic products. In addition to the Czech Republic, we are constantly expanding our operations to neighboring countries as well as other European, Asian and other markets.

We rely on the precision of the workshop design, the high quality of the materials used and, above all, on the satisfaction of customers who return to us repeatedly over the long term.

The welding equipment of Bušek sro excels in long service life, faultlessness and maximum weld quality, which is guaranteed by the use of top regulation and control electronics from the Omron brand.


Velkomoravska 4139 / 77c
+420 724 111 242