More than 100 years ago, villagers in the area of ​​Nuskova found that in some parts of the place underground there is a mineral water, called “Slatina”. Even before the Second World War, a bottling plant was built, where “Slatina” was filled and served to the people from Slovenia and Austria.
In 2007, on the basis of knowledge of mineral water analyzes in the area of ​​Nuskova, we decided to approach the new research well. In 2007, we started this project actively with the acquisition of appropriate documentation, the selection of contractors and the preparation for drilling. We finished the borehole in May, 2008.
Based on the analyzes, we found that mineral water is of high quality, with the main attributes of water being the high content of calcium and the very low sodium content.
In 2010, we bought from the municipality of Rogašovci an old school building, dated from 1900. After a long wait, in September 2016 we received a concession and we started to acquire a building permit. In exactly one year, we approached the completion of a mineral water filling facility.
We have renewed the degrading object of the old school and introduced new energy and life into it. In this case, we preserved the autochthonousness of the building and restored its beautiful glory. The facility has a technologically advanced line for filling mineral water. In the future, we will also build a modern drinking hall with an autochthonous touch, where visitors will be able to taste the unique CANA ROYAL WATER directly from the source.


Serdica 82, 9262 Rogašovci