Cantine di Marzo


LAccording to legend, in the distant 1647 Scipione di Marzo , the progenitor of the family, left the hometown of  San Paolo Belsito, near Nola, to escape the plague that was raging in Europe, taking refuge in Tufo . Tradition has it that he brought with him the grapes of an ancient vine widespread on the Campania coast, called Greco di Nola . Over the centuries, the grapes adapted perfectly to the hills of Tufo with their unique subsoil, rich in minerals, especially sulfur , which gives the wine its particular minerality.

Scipione di Marzo is therefore commonly considered as the creator of the famous Greco di Tufo .

In 1648 , therefore, Scipione began construction of the Palace , which incorporates the ancient city walls, and of the historic cellars.

The production of sulfur was soon added to the family’s wine business, thanks to the discovery in 1866 of a rich deposit of this mineral right along the river Sabato . 

With a winemaking tradition that dates back, therefore, to the seventeenth century, the Cantine di Marzo officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino as an Agricultural Company in 1833 , thus proving to be the oldest winery in Campania and among the oldest in Southern Italy


Cantine di Marzo
via Gaetano di Marzo, 2 83010 Tufo (AV)
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