Carpentras is famous for the Truffle market that takes place every Friday morning during the winter months.

Culture and Sights

Places and monuments 

Civil and natural heritage:

Religious heritage:

  • The Saint-Siffrein Cathedral , Place du General de Gaulle, it was built in the xv th  century in honor of the patron saint of the city. In Provencal Gothic style it contains, in addition to the famous Saint Mors (which tradition says was made with a nail from the cross of Christ), works of art of high value. Notably, among the oldest, Gothic stained glass (choir and chapel of Michel Anglici) and an altarpiece from the xv th  century representing the Coronation of the Virgin between St Siffrein and St Michael 104 . For this triptych, which has exceptionally preserved its superciel, as well as for the stained glass window representingSaint Siffrein surrounded by Saint Michael and Saint Catherine of Siena has recently been proposed the attribution to the great painter Enguerrand Quarton (Luc Ta-Van-Thinh 2002). The tribune organ is from 1643.
  • The parish church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Observance, rue de l’Observance ,
  • The Notre-Dame-de-Santé chapel , avenue Notre-Dame de Santé, took this name from Notre Dame de Santé following the plague of 1629. First small chapel built around 1401 and dedicated to the “Virgin of Serres bridge,” the abbot said Mery in a chapel at the xvi th  century, and the present chapel was built in the xviii th  century.
  • The Dominican Convent , place of August 25, 1944 , (choir of the old church), which housed in particular the old theater, and whose rehabilitation began in 2005 to accommodate the tourist office, the Maison de Pays and the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage .
  • The college chapel , rue du College, 17th century (Classified MH) . The college chapel is now a place of exhibitions.
  • The Notre-Dame-de-Pitié chapel, of the White Penitents, Place du Docteur Cavaillon.
  • The chapel of the black penitents , place des Pénitents Noirs, (MH).
  • The chapel of the convent of the Visitation Sainte-Marie , rue des Saintes-Maries, which became, after the French Revolution , the Chapel of the Gray Penitents (MH).
  • The chapel of the Hôtel-Dieu , place Aristide Briand.
  • The Saint-Martin church, avenue Saint-Roch de Serres.
  • The chapel Saint-Martin de Serres ( xvi th and xvii th  centuries)
  • The synagogue in Carpentras , instead of Jewry, the oldest French synagogue ( xiv th  century). Built in 1367, it was rebuilt in the xviii th  century. (Historical Monument ).
  • The Israelite Cemetery (MH) .
  • The reformed temple, rue du Collège.
  • The Evangelical Protestant temple, rue du Temple.
  • The Evangelical Assembled Church of God, avenue Marie Thérèse Chalon.
  • The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, boulevard de Souville.



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