Catholic school center “Ivan Pavao II” Bihać


The beginnings of the Catholic Church’s activities in the field of education in Bihać date back to 1894, when the Sisters of the Adorer of the Blood of Christ opened a four-grade elementary school. The newly built monastery and school building was one of the largest and most beautiful buildings in Bihać painted on many postcards and memories from that time, and even today it remains in the lasting memory of its original purpose called “Kloster” (monastery) used by all Bisceans.

From the very beginning, there was a great interest of students, so that the school soon had 8 classes of a four-year elementary school. A kindergarten (or kindergarten) and a boarding school for girls were soon opened, and later a girls’ high school. From the chronicle of the convent we learn that the convent building had three rooms for schools, one for music, one for French lessons, and two dormitories for girls in the boarding school. The school had the right of the public and in addition to compulsory school subjects, the sisters held private music lessons for various instruments (piano, zither, violin), foreign languages ​​(French and German) and handicrafts. The school was also known for having a small device for measuring meteorological data from 1896, which they communicated to the meteorological center.

Today, 10 classes with 300 students are enrolled in their own, new and modernly equipped building, and 10 classes with 200 students in the Primary School. The school shows good results in student learning and has a reputation in the city as a more demanding and serious school. This is mostly thanks to the work and effort of its staff and students as well as creating good cooperation with parents.


Catholic school center "Ivan Pavao II" Bihać
Žrtava Srebreničkog genocida bb, 77 000 Bihać