Catholic school center “St. Paul” Zenica


Catholic School Center “St. Paul” Zenica is a Catholic school located in the city of Zenica in Bosnia, BiH. On one side it is on Abdulaziza – Aska Borića Street, and on the other on Fr. Ivan Jukić Street. In the neighborhood are the church of St. Elijah the Prophet, Health Center and Bilino Polje Stadium.


Since 1994, the Catholic Church has opened new Catholic school centers within which various schools operate, and in addition to Zenica, such KSCs have been established in Sarajevo, Travnik, Tuzla, Zenica, Zepce, Konjic, Banja Luka and Bisce. They are mostly attended by children of the Catholic faith, but, like the former Catholic educational institutions, they are open to all students, regardless of religion or nationality. Zenica KŠC was opened in the fall, on September 25, 1995. There are two schools in it: Primary School and General Gymnasium with a total of 700 students at the beginning of the 2012/2013 school year. years. Until the fall of 2001, they operated in rented premises, and since then in a new building that has been rebuilt with a sports hall and amphitheater. KŠC with its schools, including Zenica KŠC Sv. Paul was included in 1997 in the “European Committee for Catholic Education” (Comité Européen pour l ‘Enseignement catholigue). In teaching, they follow their own Curriculum, which was developed and accepted at the seminar of employees of Catholic school centers in Neum in 1997. Some of them publish their own papers, and since the spring of 2001, all centers have published a joint newspaper, Izvori.


Catholic school center "St. Paul" Zenica
Dr. Abdulaha Aska Borića 20