Caves of Nero


The Caves of Nero are one of the most characteristic beaches of the town of Anzio , in the province of Rome. The peculiarity of this beach lies in the fact that the free stretch is the one where there are the brick ruins of the imperial era, a peculiarity that makes the Caves of Nero one of the most suggestive beaches in our country.

To date, in front of the ruins of the historic Caves of Nero , there is a small strip of free beach while on the sides there are bathing establishments where you can rent equipment for relaxation such as deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas.

The beach is made up of sand of medium grain size and amber color, protected by the ancient “caves” behind it and bathed by a crystalline sea. The shoreline is protected by breakwater cliffs which have the purpose of mitigating the erosive action of the sea by making the stretch of coast in front of the beach a small natural pool where even the smallest of the family can swim safely.

A curiosity: The Grotte di Nerone beach was, in Roman times, used as port warehouses to support the maritime trade activity of Anzio.


Caves of Nero
Riviera Vittorio Mallozzi, 40, 00042 Anzio RM, Italy