Center for Co-Decision Making


The Center for Co-decision-making works with a practical approach to the concept of ‘co-decision-making’. Our task is to research and implement joint decision-making in clinical practice through collaboration with patients, clinicians and decision-makers.

The center has existed for 5 years and in the first years has worked with a research-based approach to gather evidence-based knowledge about the effects of joint decision-making in a Danish context.
Since 2019, we have been tasked with implementing joint decision-making at all hospital units and in psychiatry throughout the Region of Southern Denmark.

The goal is for the Region’s patients to experience a better, safer and more informed course of treatment during their illness. Through better and more involvement of our patients in the decisions that must be made during a course of treatment, the goal is for patients to feel involved in decisions about their treatment and care in the Region of Southern Denmark. 

The work with joint decision-making is based on the fact that disease treatment and care, both nationally and internationally, is changing. More and more people want to know more about their treatment options. They want understandable information, they want to be heard, and they want to have an impact on their treatment.

The Center for Co-decision Making works to make the way of meeting patients a natural part of the culture in the healthcare system. You can read more in the program plan for 2015-2020. Read the program plan for the center.


Karina Dahl Steffensen, Head of the Center for Co-Decision Making
Beriderbakken 4, 7100 Vejle
+45 79 40 56 07