Clinic for Podiatry

As state-authorized podiatrists, we at the clinic are members of Danish Podiatrists.

It is your guarantee that we:

  •     has a state-recognized and approved education
  •     is trained to provide professional foot treatment, foot therapy and general foot care
  •     manufactures individual foot insoles
  •     treats ingrown nails by brace treatment
  •     performs physiological and neurological examinations of the foot
  •     supervisor in foot exercises to prevent and preserve the functions of the foot
  •     supervisor in shoe selection
  •     is trained in diabetes and arthritis-related foot problems
  •     is subject to the Danish Agency for Patient Safety
  •     is covered by a collective corporate liability insurance
  •     is a member of Danske Fodterapeuter and in this way our knowledge is updated.


Clinic for Podiatry
Morten Børups gade 10B, st. tv 8000 Aarhus C
60 56 58 54