Company/Lauma Fabrics


One of the leading manufacturers of elastic knitted fabric, laces, embroidery and ribbons in Europe

Wide selection of materials

Lauma Fabrics produces a wide selection of
materials, the majority of which are used in
intimate apparel garments.

The products include: elastic warp-knit fabrics,
rigid warp-knit fabrics, elastic circular-knit fabrics,
laces, embroidery, narrow bands and molded
cups as well as a selection of medical textiles.

We ship to 200 companies in 20 different countries

The main areas of our expertise


CEO: Edijs Egliņš
Ziemelu iela 19, Liepaja, LV - 3405, Latvia
(+371) 634 47302
Fax: (+371) 634 86214