Company/ “Road Traffic Safety Directorate” (CSDD)

“Road Traffic Safety Directorate” (CSDD) is a state joint stock company acting in accordance with the Road Traffic Law and the CSDD Statutes. CSDD provides vehicle registration, driver qualification examinations and issuance of driving licenses, roadworthiness testing, road safety audit and general supervision, maintains Latvia register of vehicles and their drivers, as well as participates in informing and educating road traffic participants. Road Traffic Safety Directorate also operates Riga Motor Museum, its Bauska branch and Biķernieki racetrack.

After regaining independence from USSR in October 25 1991 in the Ministry of Transport was established a new state institution – the Road Traffic Safety Department, now the Directorate. The decision-making power was separated from the executive power, because in the past everything was done by one institution of the Ministry of the Interior – the State Car Inspectorate. In order to create a new institution first had to be created an appropriate legislative basis.
On 30 August 1994 the Cabinet of Ministers issued regulations with the force of law “The Road Traffic” and on 21 October 1997 the State President declare the “Road Traffic Law”. It determines rights to engaging with the general administration of road traffic in Latvia, issues driver’s licenses, registers vehicles, develops road traffic regulations, as well as the duties and rights of drivers.

Based on the Road Traffic Law, have been developed normative acts: ” Road Traffic Regulations “, ” Vehicle Registration Regulations “, ” Procedures for Acquisition and Renewal of Driving Licenses and Procedures for Issuance, Exchange, Renewal and Destruction of Driving Licenses “, ” Regulations on State Technical Inspection and Technical Control of Road Vehicles “, etc.

Latvia has acceded to the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, in the above cases mentioned laws and regulations are based on the requirements of this Convention and European Union regulations.

From 2004 on 1 September CSDD is a state joint stock company.

For drivers in Latvia

E-services of CSDD (available in Latvian): if you have a vehicle registered in Latvia or the driving licence issued in Latvia, you can register and use e-services of CSDD at: There you can find information about your registered vehicles, their roadworthiness data, assigned penalty points, unpaid penalties, apply for reminders of expiry of the driving licence, roadworthiness certificate and medical certificate, make payments for services of CSDD and taxes. E-services are available 24/7. Currently e-services of CSDD are available in Latvian.

Driving speed: within inhabited areas may not exceed 50 km/h, outside inhabited areas – 90 km/h.

Safety belts and child seats: safety belts must be used by drivers and all passengers. Children must be transported in appropriate child seat or on appropriate support while not taller than 150 cm.

Mobile phone: the driver is not allowed to use the mobile phone while driving unless the hands-free system is used.

Winter tyres: tyres intended for use in winter must be used from December 1 till March 1 on all vehicles and busses having gross vehicle mass up to 3500 kg. Use of studded tyres is prohibited from May 1 till October 1.
Alcohol and narcotics: permissible alcohol level in blood is up to 0.5 ‰, but up to 0,2‰ for novices having driving licence for less than 2 years.

Penalty points for violations of Traffic Rules: penalty points system is being applied in Latvia in addition to penalties listed in Administrative Code for violation of Traffic Rules. These points are assigned by the Road Police. The aim of this system is to discriminate between occasional and ill-intentioned drivers. The essence of the penalty points system is as follows: they are assigned in addition to fines for different violations which may cause accident, up to 8 penalty points per violation. And they are not assigned for rather formal reasons like not having documents with you, forgetting to use dipped beam in daytime. Penalty points remain if force 2 years, those assigned for driving under influence of alcohol – 5 years.

Speed cameras: are in use in the territory of Latvia.

Administrative fines applied to drivers by State Police or State Borderguards for violations of Traffic Rules, and fines for incorrect parking applied by State Police and Municipal Police have to be paid within 30 working days following the day of application of fines.

In accordance with Article 299’ of Administrative Code, if a fine has not been paid in due time, it is forbidden till fine is paid to:

issue offender a driving licence;
carry out periodic technical inspection to the vehicle owned by offender or register such a vehicle in the Register of Vehicles and Drivers or in Information System of Agricultural Machinery and Drivers thereof;
cross the border with the vehicle registered abroad which has been material to such demeanour.

If the fine has not been paid in a year following the day when decision to apply this fine entered into force, prohibition to use driving licence enters into force for the offender, and this person is no more allowed to drive a vehicle until the fine is paid. In such a case a decision to apply administrative fine is transferred to a bailiff for forced execution.

Fines for violations of Traffic Rules are included into state budget.

Fines for incorrect parking are included into budget of respective municipality


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