Conservatory Of Music Du Nord

The Conservatoire du Nord: with a common ambition towards a vital and diversified musical, choreographic and theatrical education

Resulting from the merger between the “School of Music of Diekirch” and the “Conservatory of Music of the City of Ettelbruck” in 2002, the Conservatoire du Nord is organized and managed by an inter-municipal union for the organization and management of ‘a common musical education establishment.

The Conservatoire du Nord brings together some 1,450 students and 70 teachers spread over the two sites Diekirch and Ettelbruck. It offers a wide range of instrumental, vocal and theoretical courses, as well as dance and speaking arts. 


Conservatory Of Music Du Nord
Place Wirtgen L-9293 Diekirch BP 278. L-9003 Ettelbruck
+352 26 81 26 -205