Csanádpalota is a town in the Makó district of Csongrád-Csanád county .

It is located right next to the Romanian border, about 20 kilometers east of Makó . Neighbors: Csanádalberti and Pitvaros from the north, Mezőhegyes from the northeast , Nagylak from the south, Kövegy and Magyarcsanád from the southwest, and Királyhegyes from the northwest . Its nearest neighbor is Kövegy, which is only 4 km away. Nearby settlements are still Pitvaros and Nagylak; the former is 11 kilometers away and the latter 10 kilometers away.


  • Memorial plaque of László Ablonczy
  • The stone of Csanád castle – a meeting of settlements called Csanád
  • Relief by painter István Déri
  • Memorial plaque to the first gas flame
  • Monument of Liberation and Independence
  • Flagpole for homeland and freedom
  • Memorial plaque of István Iglódi
  • Relief plaque of Lajos Kálmány
  • The tomb of László Kelemen is a Roman Catholic cemetery
  • Statue of László Kelemen in front of the house of culture
  • Town hall
  • Memorial plaque of Mihály Lőcsei
  • Hungarian millennium memorial stone
  • World War II and 1956 monument
  • Tomb of Anonymous Heroes
  • Memorial plaque of the volunteer fire brigade
  • Roman Catholic church
  • Cemetery chapel
  • Former chief judge’s apartment
  • Ruin of the Zellmann mill, a former industrial monument
  • Jewish cemetery, a prominent Jewish built in central Csanád
  • Synagogue building, remodeled

Culture and education

The youngest people from Csanádpalota are taken care of by Napsugár Kindergarten and Nursery, the primary education is provided by Dér István Primary School in several buildings, the number of students is 292. The upper department is taught in the two-story central building, and the school management also does its work here; the lower class studies with four classes in the buildings on Sirály Street and Szent István Street. The new gym was built in 2016 on the plot next to the central building. There are also two gymnasiums, a sports yard and technical rooms in a separate building.

In 1982, among the first in the county, computer education began in the specialist classroom built in the House of Culture with 10 Commodore computers available at the age level. A language laboratory started operating there.

The school also offers arts education, children can attend craft and sports activities, and learn to play music; music education in 1997 – 98 began the school year in the village. The Csanádpalota Wind Orchestra was awarded the Csongrád County Creative Prize and the Csanádpalota Prize. 

Between 1963 and 1967 , a full-time and correspondence department of an independent Primary School and Gymnasium operated in Csanádpalota. The 1968/69. The correspondence department of the József Attila Grammar School in Makó took over the adult education in the settlement, which functioned until 1980. Since 2006 , the branch of the Gyula Juhász Reformed Grammar School has been providing secondary education. 

A telecottage was established in the László Kelemen House of Culture with the support of tenders and local governments; the city’s 237- square-foot library is open on Saturdays in addition to weekdays. 


Dr. István Debreczeni Mayor of Csanádpalota City
6913 - Csanádpalota, Kelemen László tér 10.
62 / 263-001