Darkov Spa and the sea of ​​Tertiary origin


It actually started by mistake. A neighbor from a side estate, Baron Beess, envied Count Larisch for his success and the immense wealth of mining. He therefore tried to find “black gold” on his own, but failed. Each time only a kind of salt water gushed out. People gradually discovered its healing effects. The water became known as brine, and it became more and more famous until a spa was established here. Today, the Karviná spa has a forty-year tradition and Darkov Spa is even the oldest iodine-bromine spa in our country. They provide top spa services focused on the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and neurological conditions. The basis of treatment in combination with medical rehabilitation is iodine-bromine mineral water of marine origin, the already mentioned brine, which is one of the best in Europe. Precisely because it is a sea of ​​Tertiary origin, we can proudly say that Karviná has its sea. There are two treatment facilities in the town: Staré lázně in Karviná-Darkov and Nové lázně in Karviná-Hranice. Recently, they have built spas and luxury wellness centers with a quality and rich offer for the general public.


Darkov Spa and the sea of ​​Tertiary origin
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