De Kriebel


De kriebel is a primary school that belongs to the officially subsidized education. The itch is open to all children. The free choice of the religion or non-denominational ethics course is guaranteed.

  • The school follows the curricula drawn up by OVSG (Education Secretariat of Cities and Municipalities of the Flemish Community). 
  • Methods are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • The school work plan is in constant development.
  • ICT is integrated into daily teaching activities. Laptops, Ipads, digital boards… are available at our school, thanks to the municipal council. The students use ICT to communicate with other students, to acquire information, to make presentations …
  • In the after-school care there is room for doing homework. The students are guided in this as far as possible.


De Kriebel
Kerkstraat 1 1700 Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle
02 / 451.65.40