De Ster


De Ster is a nature and recreation area in the Belgian town of Sint-Niklaas . The domain is located east of the city center in the hamlet of Ster and is about 100 hectares in size. The domain has a swimming and boating pond with an area of ​​about 20 ha and a maximum depth of 11 meters and a fishing pond of about 8 ha. In addition, De Ster has a playground, petting zoo, a herb garden. For the sports enthusiasts there is the fit-o-meter, a jogging path, a football field, an athletics track and various outdoor fitness equipment. You can also play mini golf and rent one of the tennis courts. The domain also has a sports hall, a petanque room and a fishing pond.


Provinciaal Domein De Ster
Lange Rekstraat 30 in Sint-Niklaas
+32 3 777 69 50