Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School


The Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School is a public, co-educational secondary school in SzegedHungary. Students within the Hungarian-English bilingual program have a higher number of classes in English. Furthermore, for them, the language of education concerning mathematics, biology, geography and history (both Hungarian and world history) is English. Throughout their four years of learning, these courses are complemented by a special English conversation class with native speakers, and by the same token a so-called civilization class is offered from 11th grade.

Courses of study

Hungarian-English Bilingual program

Students in this program learn English on an advanced level throughout their four years of high school, and have special English Conversation classes with either American or British native speakers so as to practice the language orally and to improve conversation skills. Five subjects are thought in English:

  • Mathematics, History (9th-12th grade)
  • Geography (9th-10th grade)
  • Biology (10th-12th grade)
  • Civilization (11th-12th grade)

Special German program

The Special German program is in accordance with the German DSD program (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) meaning after the end of their secondary education, students receive their language certificates from the German Federal Republic herself, which enables them not to have to be required to take a special German entrance exam when applying to a German university. The objective of the aforementioned program is to ensure a solid background in the knowledge of the German language and culture for students of non-German school, which later on could help them to acquire job and to pursue their education in Germanophone countries. Pupils learn German on an advanced level; and furthermore, they are aided by a native teacher to practice orally and to develop high fluency.

Soccer Academy program

The special class of Soccer Academy is consistent with the general curriculum of sport schools and was born to provide a sufficient basis for its players who wish not to solely concentrate on their sport achievements but on their advanced education as well. The team received the titles “Best Association Football Team of The City of Szeged” and “Best Association Football Team of Csongrád County”; moreover, they came second in the semi final of the National Student Olympics within the same year. Admission to this program generally happens on a regional scale during which applicant have to take the central entrance examination along with a sport aptitude test. In order to guarantee the level of professional training, Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School called for tighter cooperation with Tisza Volán SC Youth Division and KÉSZ Soccer Academy Endowment.

Motion Picture Culture and Media program

It is the declared aim of Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School to provide a qualification for students enrolled in this program with the help of which they can examine the stream of information of the contemporary era through a critical perspective. Apart from the national entrance examination, applicants to this program are required to go through an oral examination for which they have to prepare from five classical films—chosen from the list stipulated by the school—and from two arbitrary ones. They are expected to examine these from both a narrative point-of-view and from film technological point-of-view as well; moreover, the application procedure includes a discussion concerning media history and contemporary media events.


Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School
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