Diva Grabovica


One of the most beautiful parts of Čvrsnica on its southeastern side, is the Diva Grabovica; a river and a grandiose canyon with depths over 1500 m, and a length over 6 km. Hiking in this part of Čvrsnica will give you an unforgettable experience and enjoy the true beauty of fairytale mountain landscapes. Climbing through this canyon, you will discover some completely new beauties of the Čvrsnica mountain massif, and experience all the wilderness of nature.

The best choice of hiking route in this part is the departure from the town of Grabovica, 35 km north of Mostar, along the Neretva canyon. Your route also depends on your wishes, and mountaineering markings can take you to Žlijeb, Tisza, Strmenica, Vilinac, Hajdučka vrata, Pločno or you can choose to cross the entire mountain over Muvarnica and Vitlenica and go to the Blidinje plateau.


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