DLF Seeds


DLF Seeds A/S (formerly DLF-TRIFOLIUM A/S) is a global seed company dealing in forage and amenity seeds, sugar and forage beet seed, seed and ware potatoes and other crops. The company is headquartered in Roskilde, Denmark. DLF is the global market leader and provides grass and clover seeds to more than 100 countries.

DLF’s research and development function spans globally with pan-regional exchange of know-how and genetics. DLF’s R&D structure benefits from synergies and expertise across the various crops. DLF’s ambition is to continue extending and investing as well as being the global leader within forage and turf related R&D. Furthermore, DLF strives to find and exploit synergies within the biotechnological area to strengthen and expand their position within sugar beets and fodder beets.


DLF Seeds
Ny Oestergade 9 4000 Roskilde
+45 46 330 300