Dominik Mandić High School in Široki Brijeg


The history of today’s Gymnasium of Fr. Dominik Mandić dates back to the distant past, more precisely in 1889, when the Franciscan Gymnasium was accessible only to Catholic children. In 1924, Alojzije Mišić laid and blessed the cornerstone. The last classes in the Franciscan Gymnasium were held in 1943/44. when the decision was made to establish the State Real Gymnasium in Široki Brijeg. In 1955, it grew into the State Real Gymnasium in Široki Brijeg. During that time, the building was renovated, cabinets were equipped and the name was changed to Ivan Goran Kovačić High School. In 1971, the Gymnasium Act was repealed and the Gymnasium ceased to operate. In 1972, a School with practical classes for students was established, based in the Student Home. In 1973, a decision was made to merge the Ivan Goran Kovačić High School with the School for Practical Teaching and students in business at the Secondary School Center in Lištica. In the war and school year 1991/92. 121 students were enrolled in the Gymnasium of Fr. Dominik Mandić, and in 1993 dr. Franjo Tudjman opened the renovated building.

Dominik Mandić High School has a large number of employees and well-organized classes.


Dominik Mandić High School in Široki Brijeg
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