Domvs Romana


Want to know what life was like in Malta under ancient Roman rule? Then it’s time to check out the magnificent Domvs Romana!

Located in the glorious city of Rabat, this delightful museum is built on the home of an ancient Roman aristocrat who lived there more than 2,000 years ago, in what was then the Roman town of Melite.

Dating back to the first century B.C, few features of the original house still remain, apart from its truly exquisite marble floors, which are virtually intact. However, numerous coins, toiletries, pieces of tableware, and statues of the imperial Roman family were found there, offering telling insight into aristocratic life at the time.
As well as this, more than 200 Muslim headstones were unearthed, dating back to Malta’s time under Arab rule.

Constructed on the foundations of the house in order to protect the mosaics, the museum is home to a collection of Roman artefacts, found both on-site and elsewhere on the island.

History fan or not, the Domvs Romana is sure to leave you captivated!


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Museum Esplanade
Rabat RBT 1202
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