In 1908, Dr. Joseph Knett, head geologist in Karlovi Vari, discovered a stream in nearby Rogaška Slatina that was the main source of mineralization, the purity of the water was extraordinary with high magnesium content. It was named after Donat – a mountain significant for the layout of the nearby Rogaška Slatina. Due to its chemical composition, physical characteristics, and medical discoveries, this water is used therapeutically and preventively. Magnesium is soluble in Donat Mg mineral water so that the metabolism need not overexert itself dissolving it and transferring it to cells that need it.

Donat Mg is recommended in case of: indigestion,heartburn,constipationthe need to improve metabolism,the need to regulate acid–base homeostasis in the bodylack of magnesium,lack of minerals.

Since Donat Mg is a natural mineral water rich in magnesium, it is recommended for normal muscle contractions, including the heart muscle. Magnesium alone affects the electrolyte balance, nerve activity and transmission of nerve impulses, protein making and normal metabolism. It is necessary for growth and cell division as an element for the development of tissue and the development and structure of bones and teeth.

MARKETS: Donat Mg verifies its strong position in the multi-purpose water segment in Croatia, Slovenia, and it achieves exceptional results in the markets of Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

INTERESTING FACTS: Celtic and Roman findings in and around the springs confirm the use of water from Rogaška in ancient times.In 1670, after an intervention by dr. Paul Sorbait, the Habsburg court doctor, Rogaška became a hit medicinal water in Graz and Vienna.Rogaška was the third best sold water in the world in 1869, right after mineral water from Vichy and Selters.


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