Liveable and loveable, modern and multicultural, traditional and tolerant – Düsseldorf is diverse and has so much to offer. Welcome to the State capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Places in Düsseldorf
Visitors will find plenty of top places and squares in the city. Amongst the most popular of these are the Old Town, Königsallee and the Media Harbour. But don’t be fooled into thinking that is all the city has to offer: Düsseldorf’s 50 districts all have their own charm and tourist attractions. A visit to districts off the beaten tourist track is by all means worth it.

View over the rooftops
View over the rooftops

Culture in Düsseldorf
It is not without reason that the State capital is also often referred to as the Culture City. Museum fans are in for a treat in the city: from art history to city history. Music also plays an important role in Düsseldorf; the Music Hall and the Opera House are just two of the many ports of call. The Heinrich Heine Institut guarantees literary Highlights. And the theatre, the artistic director of which was once Gustaf Gründgen, provides top-class theatre entertainment. Düsseldorf’s culture can last but not least be found throughout the entire city, whether in churches and palaces, as street art in the urban landscape or in the countless art galleries.

Impressive performances

Recreation in Düsseldorf
When it comes to recreation, the State capital has a wide range on offer: Düsseldorf, the Garden City, is thus perfectly suited for going on a trip into nature and unwinding for a while. Do you prefer more action? The sports on offer in Düsseldorf include football, ice hockey, basketball and table tennis as well as marathons. The customs – from the Carnival to the Biggest Funfair on the Rhine – ensure that there is no chance of boredom. Restaurants, bars and clubs are the perfect places to spend time in the evenings. There really is something for everyone. Numerous other events round off the recreational programme in Düsseldorf. A tip: many of the city’s recreational activities offer “free admission”.

Recreational fun for the entire family

Recreational fun for the entire family

Japan-Day in Düsseldorf

Together in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf stands for internationality, diversity and openness. Great emphasis is placed on living together peacefully in the city. Citizens from around 180 nations live in the State capital. There are thus many different cultures to discover in the city. Düsseldorf is an exciting city, for both young and old. If you are travelling with children, we have the perfect recreational tips for you. Each and every visitor should be able to explore the city in the same way: that’s why there are also accessible offers for tourists with disabilities.

Seven centuries of urban development

History: From fishing village to metropolis

Dusseldorp, a small village on the Düssel estuary which was granted its town charter in 1288, has developed from a small fishing village into a cosmopolitan metropolis on the Rhine. Discover interesting seven centuries of urban development.

Seven centuries of urban development

Suggested tours

Want to explore Düsseldorf at your own leisure? No problem! The State capital is virtually the ideal place to “roam around”: you will find an “art axis” made up of museums and galleries, a “green axis” made up of parks and gardens and last but not least a “Rhine axis” – after all, Europe’s most important river flows through the city over a length of 42 kilometres.
Ten suggested tours should help you to quickly find your way around Düsseldorf and to discover the city’s tourist attractions. The tours are sorted by time requirements and theme and can be easily combined in line with personal preferences.


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