The Luxembourg Hotel and Tourism School (in Diekirch) is the only establishment to provide full-time courses in the hospitality sector and the only one to offer in Luxembourg the possibility of studies in the field of tourism. . This singularity combined with the peculiarities of relational requirements in the hospitality professions makes it a place of education governed by a philosophy that defines “the art of educating and teaching” with an emphasis on relational skills and behavioral.

Graduates will leave school with the assurance of having acquired, in addition to the basics of their profession, competence in inter-relational exchanges. These personal qualities will together with the actual professional skills guarantee success in their future professional life.

This is the reason why the EHTL has implemented a pedagogy adapted to the needs of the professional market, even to studies, which await students when they leave school. The teaching staff supports the students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills based on a solid professional base. Students are encouraged to discover themselves, to set goals and to build a personal school career according to values ​​and convictions that will lead them to excellence – the pursuit of excellence being the common thread of the EHTL.

During their studies, students have the opportunity to discover the world of work and its requirements during annual internships (ten weeks) in Luxembourg or international companies. The experience acquired during these internships allows them a more moderate school-to-professional transition. Internships abroad have the additional advantage of preparing for the demands of professional mobility.

The modest size of our school (300 students) allows personalized and efficient student support. Taking lessons, working hand in hand with teachers, eating meals together and participating in competitions creates bonds that give the term “school community” its true meaning. The links thus created generally extend beyond the school career alone, as demonstrated for more than 50 years by the dynamism of the association of former students of the school.


19, rue Joseph Merten L-9257 Diekirch
(+352) 80 87 91