Elektrotehnička Škola Tuzla


Electrotechnical school Tuzla was founded in 1970, with goal to join all professions in one school, that were in two schools before 1970. The Electrical-School of Tuzla consists learning their students the most vulnerable acts of Electrical sources and technology. The school also consists high electrical equipment which provides more-self experience for students to acknowledge and learn. You can choose between many directions such as Computer Technician, Technician of Mechatronics, Technician of Electroenergetics, Technician of Electronics, Electrician of telecommunications, Car electrician and Electrician. The school currently has plans in summer 2019 to power itself with Solar panel and with that to have a new direction technician of renewable energy sources.


Elektrotehnička Škola Tuzla
Muhameda Hevaije Uskufija 2, Tuzla 75000
035 281-167