Elitex Nepomuk

Elitex Nepomuk begun as a plant of a state enterprise Elitex Kdyně. Both companies belonged under concern Elitex Liberec which joined many plants in the whole Czechoslovakia with the main assembly plants in Červený Kostelec and Ústí nad Orlicí and which hold the firm position among the biggest producers all over the world for a long time. At this time the czech textile machines production was on the top worldwide because of the czech non-spindle spinning machine invention.

Textile industry was supported by the Faculty of engineering of the Textile university in Liberec with the strong supported research and development. At this time the main exporters were the Soviet union, Asia and the South America. The main role of Elitex Nepomuk in the whole concern was the production of sheet metal parts for the textile machines.

In 1995 the whole concern divided and the individual plants were privatized. Two main assembly plants were privatized by the overseas companies, Elitex Červený Kostelec by Saurer from Switzerland and Elitex Ústí nad Orlici by swiss company Rieter. The original plan of Elitex Nepomuk was to keep the cooperation of sheet metal parts with both companies and sideways to produce components for the companies in the different branches.

Thanks its former production in this branch had the company the sufficient technological and personal equipment for both companies conditions fulfillment.

Since 1995 has the company gradually stabilized and started the investments in the new technologies – laser cutting, CNC machining and powder coating. The production programme in 1995-2009 consisted of the machinery subdeliveries – the textile fibres cleaning systems and the propulsion systems for the textile machines of spinning type BD and DT assemblied in Saurer, Červený Kostelec, later Oerlikon and Rieter Ústí nad Orlicí. The deliveries in the textile machines branch made up 80% of the whole production at this time. The extensive cooperation with Rieter and Saurer continued to the crisis period in 2009/2010 when both companies decided to move the textile machine production in China. Elitex Nepomuk accepted the strategic decision to fully replace the production outage in the textile machine branch and at the same time to keep the full employment and at most to use the current technological equipment.

The production programme change in a full range occured in 2010. The company focused on the production of the precise light weldments which make up 70% of production. The rest production consists of assemblies.

In 2005 started the cooperation with Caterpillar and Sennebogen which had the join venture plant in Wackersdorf, Germany. Elitex received price inquiries for the components of wheel excavator type D and had to finish roughly 15 tasks to keep the cooperation. The action plan contained for example the building of the new welding hall or the purchase of new machines. Later Caterpillar moved to Grenoble in France, intensiv collaboration still continues.

After 2008 became the customer Homag one of strategic partners in the woodworking machine branch. Elitex produces the electric panels which are later completed in Poland.

Currently Elitex owns the top high capacity technology for sheet metal treatment – 3 CNC laser machines, 2 punching machines, 3 bending machines. Further spill machining in a full range – turning, milling, horizontal machining, grinding, drilling in NC and CNC equipment. The coating operations ensure three powder coating paint shops inkl. sand blasting machine and degreasing, as well as assembly workplaces.


Elitex Nepomuk
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