Esbjerg Museum


3 brand new exciting permanent exhibitions – Esbjerg during the occupation, the resistance struggle and the urban environment in Esbjerg 1900 – 1950 and the changing special exhibitions.

In just 100 years from 1868, Esbjerg became the 5th largest city. Esbjerg was at the forefront of areas such as urban development, social policy and schooling, and during World War II, Esbjerg was both the first Danish city to be affected by the war and the first city to rebel against the occupying power. Esbjerg Museum offers three exhibitions about occupation and everyday life in Esbjerg 1900-1950. The acclaimed BESAT – Esbjerg 1943 involves its guests when the fictional “Hansen family” welcomes and asks for help in solving their occupation dilemmas. RESISTANCE – Esbjerg Ribe Bramming 1940-45 goes in depth with the local resistance struggle. And in ESBJERG 1900-1950 , guests can go to the grocery store, enjoy Torvet’s shops and visit the apartments of the working class family and the director.


Esbjerg Museum
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