Fabrika deterdženata Dita


Dita d.d. detergent industry Tuzla was founded on June 12, 1977 in Tuzla. The founders of the company were the SODASO Tuzla factory and the Italian company Mira Lanza from Genoa. The partnership with the Italian company lasted until 1992. Dita is the only detergent industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 38 years of experience in the production of detergents and cleaners in the household and industry.


Dita d.d. Prior to the bankruptcy, it was engaged in the production of detergents and hygiene products in the household and industry:

Detergents for machine washing
hand washing detergents
dishwashing detergents
other dishwashing detergents
other detergents and cleaners
detergents for industry

Some of Dite’s best-selling brands are:

ARIX – laundry detergent, which records the best sales results both in BiH and in key export partner countries.
IDA and 3 de – which have achieved double-digit sales growth in the last few years.
Tenzo 21
Softly 3 in 1
Deon – softener
Monia – techmi soap

In 2008, Dita placed its products on the domestic and foreign markets. Some of Dita’s most important markets are: Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, France, Germany and BENELUX countries. After going bankrupt in 2012, Dita is losing all foreign markets as well as the domestic market. However, with the resumption of production in December 2015, Dita, with the help of the domestic retail chain Bingo, manages to place its products on the domestic market again. Soon, other retail chains in BiH will include Dita products in their sales range.


Fabrika deterdženata Dita
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