Faculty of Law and Business Studies (FLBS)


Faculty of Law and Business Studies (FLBS) follows the vision and the mission of its founder, Catholic Institute. Catholic Institute makes research from the fields of social studies and humanities. In particular, its prime aim is to set up the foundation for the Catholic University by establishing higher education institutions, libraries, research centers and student dormitories that shall merge under the umbrella of a Catholic University (CU). The future CU shall present an active community of scholars and students with a particular focus on the needs and challenges arising in the societal local and global environment. As university it must present an autonomous place for study and a place that is serving for the benefit of academic development.

FLBS is autonomous in building its own identity and recognition by following the course that is defined in its founding documents. It must respect the rights of individuals and community and remain within the catholic domain. For the research and teaching it is free within common standards and principles for science and education that are applied internationally. The faculty must seek truth and cooperation with other (catholic and non-Catholic) universities from the region and beyond. Cooperation includes, but is not limited to research projects, teaching mobility, students’ mobility etc.


Faculty of Law and Business Studies (FLBS)
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