Faculty of Polymer Technology


Faculty of Polymer Technology offers one of the most interesting technical study programmes in Slovenia based on one of the most prospective industrial branches at the moment.

Due to their widespread use and numerous positive characteristics, polymers represent the centre of interest and research of many companies and research institutes. The production and use of polymers has been continuously growing all over the world.

Polymers can be found everywhere: in bio-medicine and pharmaceutical industry, aviation and automotive industries,in household appliances and sports requisites, in textile, construction and nanotechnology.

Therefore, the knowledge of polymer technology is much appreciated and highly valued by employers and research services. Faculty of Polymer Technology is the national centre of know-how in polymer technology. Besides the widely acknowledged study programme, the faculty provides high-quality development, research and educational services for businesses.


Faculty of Polymer Technology
Ozare 19 SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec
02 620 47 68