Feldkirchen in Kärnten


Feldkirchen in Kärnten is a nice town in Austria/Carinthia and also the capital of the district, located near the Ossiach Lake (Ossiacher See) – one of the most beautiful places in Austria.

Feldkirchen in Kärnten is a town in the Austrian state of Carinthia and the capital of the district of the same name.

It consists of the Katastralgemeinden Fasching, Feldkirchen, GlanhofenGradischHoeflingKlein Sankt VeitPerneggRabensdorfSankt UlrichSittichTschwarzen and Waiern.

Feldkirchen is located on the northern edge of the Klagenfurt Basin at the junction of the federal highways (BundesstraßenB 93 Gurktal Straße toward FriesachB 94 Ossiacher Straße to Villach and B 95 Turracher Straße to Klagenfurt. Both the Glan river and the small Tiebel, main inflow of Lake Ossiach, run through the town.

The towns like Klagenfurt, Villach, St. Veit, as well as interesting hiking and excursions places are a maximum of several minutes away. It’s simply an ideal base for exploring the area. We stayed here for one night while driving to southern Europe. We simply decided to take a walk around the town.


  • Catholic parish church Maria im Dorn
  • Catholic church St. Michael
  • Catholic church St. Martin
  • Amthof

Experience history and culture in Feldkirchen

First populated by Neolithic cultures, the territory around present-day Feldkirchen can be tracked back to Roman times as early as 15 BC when eventually the existing primitive road system was extended to make Feldkirchen an important junction. When the first wave of Christianization reached Carinthia in the mid 9th century the first “Church in the Fields“, today’s parish church Mariä Himmelfahrt, also called “Maria im Dorn“ was built. In the early 11th century, the Diocese of Bamberg gained increasing influence and the bishops had the Amthof erected, the former seat of the local administration. Today the Amthof serves as cultural and event venue and is home to the Amthofmuseum taking visitors on an active journey through the history of culture, economy and nature of Feldkirchen.


Feldkirchen in Kärnten
A-9560 Feldkirchen, Hauptplatz 5
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