FlyBosnia is an airline from Bosnia and Herzegovina based at Sarajevo International Airport in Sarajevo.

The airline was registered in November 2017. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) issued an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to FlyBosnia on 11 January 2019. and is basing its growth strategy on religious tourism. FlyBosnia also announced that it will commence with European operations, mainly flying to London, Paris and Rome.

The airline’s second plane, registration E7-FBB, arrived from the United States on 8 May 2019 delivered by Aircraft Ferry Specialists. However, in November 2019 this aircraft was returned to the lessor. FlyBosnia originally planned to add two more aircraft to its fleet by the end of 2019. An additional eight aircraft are supposed to be added by 2023.

In October 2019, it has been reported that the airline owes Sarajevo International Airport a substantial amount of money for its handling services. Shortly after, it came to light that the airline failed to pay wages for several months and had to lay off nearly half of its staff. In November 2019, the company finally came to an agreement with the airport to pay the fees.  FlyBosnia also phased-out one of its two Airbus A319s with plans to take over two more in 2020.

In August 2020, FlyBosnia announced the termination of all scheduled routes with charter services to Kuwait and Antalya remaining. Their sole own aircraft, an Airbus A319-100 is to be scrapped and replaced with a wetlease contract before a broader route network of charter destinations is to be established in 2021. Also, a new CEO has been appointed.


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