Francisco Ferrer High School


Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer (HEFF) – public higher education institution in Belgium.  Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer is relatively small, teaching about 3000 students on average. The university accepts applications from foreign students. 499 specialists are employed by the university. A variety of international student exchange programs are available at HEFF. 

The school brings together various institutes of the City of Brussels, grouped into 7 teaching categories:

  • Applied arts (Bischoffsheim)
  • Economy ( Cooremans )
  • Paramedic (Éveline Anspach and Demot-Couvreur)
  • Educational (Buls-De Mot)
  • Technical (Demot-Couvreur)
  • Translation and Interpretation (Cooremans; integrates the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication of the Free University of Brussels inseptember 20152 )
  • Social (Cooremans)

The Francisco Ferrer High School welcomes around 2,800 students.


Francisco Ferrer High School Headquarters
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rue de la Fontaine 4 1000 BRUSSELS
+32 2 279 58 10