Füzesabony is a town in Heves County, Hungary.

The name of the small town is Füzesabony. It is enough to look at a geographical map, the very favorable geographical location of Füzesabony can already be seen by the observer. It is located at the crossroads of routes on the northern edge of the Great Plain, it handles huge goods traffic by rail and road to all equator. Within a radius of 50 km, the towns of the county can be reached from here – the county seat, Eger, which plays a central role in all respects – Lake Tisza, which has become more and more a water paradise in recent years. For lovers of the mountains, the Bükk and the Mátra can be a destination that promises pleasant relaxation, which awaits those wishing to relax and have fun with its unique flora and fauna and established network of service providers.

In addition to its proximity to natural values ​​and its optimal geographical position, Füzesabony also has other advantages: favorable, free-capacity labor market opportunities, free, buildable areas, and the infrastructural service of investor needs characterize the city. This triple aspect is a good reason to get to know the small town in more detail.


Füzesabony Mayor's Office
3390 Füzesabony, Rákóczi út 48.
36 / 542-500