Galleria Campari


In Galleria Campari, the story of the brand is told through an evocative journey through space and time, including  original posters from the Belle Époque, posters, advertising graphics and artist books from the 1920s to the 1990s, signed by important artists such as Marcello Dudovich, Leonetto Cappiello, Fortunato Depero, Franz Marangolo, Guido Crepax, Bruno Munari, Ugo Nespolo; carousels and commercials by well-known directors such as Federico Fellini and Singh Tarsem; objects signed by established designers such as Matteo Thun, Dodo Arslan, Markus Benesch and Matteo Ragni. 

Inside the Campari Headquarters, designed by Mario Botta, precious vintage objects are also exhibitedof the bar world, vintage glasses, bottles, original watches, signs directly from the 60s and 70s, as well as a series of real memorabilia . The experience in the Galleria is dedicated to the Campari brand; it is also possible to retrace the salient stages in the fields of graphics, communication and design.


Galleria Campari
Viale A. Gramsci 161 Sesto San Giovanni
+39 02 62251