Gárdony is a resort town in Fejér County , on the southern shore of Lake Velence , the seat of the Gárdonyi district . Its most important districts are Gárdony, Agárd , Dinnyés and Csiribpuszta .

Points of interest 

  • Log castle: A log castle modeled on the castle of Eger, next to the Lake Velence Gallery and the Géza Gárdonyi Museum in Agárd.
  • Géza Gárdonyi Memorial House : A memorial museum in the writer’s birthplace in Agárdpuszta.
  • Agárd Spa and Thermal Bath : Its 58-degree water, which rises from a depth of 1000 m, is cooled to 32-36 degrees, so it enters the pools. The medicinal water is indicated for the treatment of musculoskeletal, rheumatic diseases, abrasions and gynecological problems.
  • Agárd thematic promenade: The promenade starting from road 7 , which follows Gárdonyi Géza street and introduces visitors to the sights of the city. It affects, for example, the Chernel István Primary School and Gymnasium, the Nádasdy obelisk in the Agárd cemetery and the Agárd brandy distillery. The end of the promenade is located in Agárdpuszta, next to the Géza Gárdonyi memorial house and a log castle depicting a scaled-down copy of Eger Castle.


2483 Gárdony, Szabadság út 20-22.
(36) 22 / 570-028