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Gerontol cal center in Prague 8 – Kobylisy is funded orga Niza and urban parts of Prague and 8, resides in Simun metal street, 1 600 in the building of the former nursery. The Gerontology Center was established in 1992 and gradually expanded the individual services and activities for seniors. The most significant extension of services was the opening of a new rehabilitation pavilion in the building of the former kindergarten in 1100 at Benákova Street.The former crèche building - now the Gerontology Center

   As of January 2020, for operational reasons, we closed the inpatient department for patients with cognitive impairment in Šimůnkova Street.
      All other services offered by the Gerontology Center are fully provided as before Instead of our closed department, it is possible to use a social service of the relief type, which is operated by SOS Prague 8 (a contributory organization of the Prague 8 District). In case of interest, it is possible to contact Mrs. Lenka Černošková, tel: 226291587, e-mail:

More information issued by the founder of the Prague 8 district.

The activities of the Gerontology Center would not be possible without the help and support of the City Council and the Office of the Prague 8 District, as well as other entities that contributed to the financing of individual projects of the Gerontology Center, Czech Alzheimer’s Society or GEMA, ops, especially the City Council and the City Hall. Prague, the City Council and the Office of the City District of Prague 8, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the SPD Obj. 3 program financed from the European Social Fund, the state budget of the Czech Republic and the budget of the City of Prague Cilag, Lundbeck Novartis, Pfizer, and other contributors and donors.

Statutory representative of the Gerontology Center

  • Director: Doc. MUDr. Iva Holmerová, Ph.D.
  • Deputy Director: Ing. Petr Procházka 

The Gerontology Center cooperates with two non-profit organizations: the Czech Alzheimer’s Society, ops , GEMA , ops , which is also located at 1600 Šimůnkova Street, the District Institute of Social and Health Services in Prague 8, Ďáblice Retirement Home, Mirovická Retirement Home and other institutions and organizations that provide services for seniors or deal with senior issues.

The goal of the Gerontology Center is mainly to provide health and social services primarily to the citizens of Prague 8, the goal of the Czech Alzheimer’s Society is to support patients with dementia and their family members and the goal of the non-profit GEMA is to support and develop health in old age.


Gerontology Center
Prague 8 - Kobylisy , Šimůnkova 1600
286 883 676