GRAS Sarajevo


JKP GRAS Sarajevo (Public Utility Company – City Traffic Sarajevo) is a utility transport company based in Sarajevo. Public transport is performed in the form of tram, bus, trolleybus and minibus traffic in the city of Sarajevo and its suburbs. In addition, GRAS also performs inclined elevator traffic at Ciglane. Until 1992, GRAS also operated public transport in the area of present-day East Sarajevo, which was then interrupted and did not resume after the end of the war in BiH. In addition to public transport, GRAS also provides technical inspection services, and has its own travel agency and driving school.

Line network


The tram network consists of six lines with 27 stations. The main line runs in 5-10 minute clocks from 5:00 to 23:30, [missing reference] on Saturdays in 7-10 minute clocks from 5:15 to 00:10, and on Sundays in 10-minute clocks from 5: 45 to 00:10. Other lines only serve as an addition to an existing line. These lines run from 6:00 am, and from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm they return to the depot.


The trolleybus network consists of 30 stations with a total of six lines, which operate on weekdays and Saturdays in a 15-minute clock from 6:00 to 22:40, and on Sundays in a 25-minute clock from 6:40 to 22:30. . [reference missing] Before the war, the trolleybus lines DW105-PL.svg and DW106-PL.svg were also in operation, but they were completely destroyed during the war and are out of order today.


GRAS has its own fleet of buses of different types. In addition to GRAS, bus public transport is also provided by Centrotrans on GRAS’s bus network. The bus traffic network consists of a total of 42 permanent lines, of which 31 are city lines, while the other lines are suburban and inter-entity lines, while two lines are seasonal.


GRAS has its own fleet of minibuses, which are used on a total of 41 lines, and several seasonal lines. Minibus lines change often, because they depend on the needs of the City of Sarajevo.

Inclined elevator

GRAS also transports hair by elevator, which is located in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Ciglane. Construction of this inclined elevator began in 1987, and in 1990 it was ceremoniously put into service.

Cable car

Until the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, GRAS also transported by cable car, which, however, was completely destroyed during the war. The Sarajevo cable car connected the historical part of Sarajevo with the tourist zone on Trebević. The Trebević cable car started operating on May 3, 1958, with a total line length of 2,064.25 meters.


GRAS Sarajevo
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