Groß-Enzersdorf is a town and municipality in the district of Gänserndorf in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, directly to the east of Vienna and north of the river Danube. Apart from the town itself, it also comprises 7 subordinated municipalities.


The city is 18 km east from the city center of Vienna. It lies on the main road 3. It is located near the Viennese quarter of Eßling and in the south the nature reserve Lobau which is a part of the national park Danube-Auen. The city consists of the following administrative communes:

  • Franzensdorf
  • Groß-Enzersdorf
  • Mühlleiten
  • Oberhausen (including Neu-Oberhausen)
  • Probstdorf
  • Rutzendorf
  • Schönau an der Donau
  • Wittau


The current mayor is Monika Obereigner-Sivec. The district council houses 33 seats. Apportionment according to the district council elections form the 26th of January 2020: 15 seats SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria) which chairman Monika Obereigner-Sivec, 11 seats ÖVP(Austrian People’s Party) with chairman Peter Cepuder, 5 seats Die Grünen Groß-Enzersdorf (The Greens – The Green Alternative) which chairman Andreas Vanek, 2 seats FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) which René Azinger and NEOS Groß-Enzersdorf 1 with Reinhard Wachmann.[3]

Culture and POIs

Austrians single Drive-in theater is situated in Groß-Enzersdorf, directly to the border of Vienna. It was opened 1967. In 1990 extended to a “center” including three screens. On Sundays a market, so-called Flohmarkt, is held in the town. In the year 1889 a Jewish cemetery was built in Groß-Enzersdorf, but unfortunately it has been recently vandalized.


  • Groß-Enzersdorf is very famous for its defensive wall. It was built from 1396 to 1399 and is nearly completely obtained.
  • Parish church, which is built in the romanesquegothic and baroque styles.
  • The city-hall is well obtained, and parts of the former civil hospital.


Serious sports is done in table-tennis. The team of the UKJ Groß-Enzersdorf plays in the 2nd leagues (2. Bundesliga) and also important for its role in junior programs. There is also a soccer team (SC Groß-Enzersdorf).


Rathausstraße 5 A-2301 Groß-Enzersdorf
+43 2249 231428