Győri Keksz

Győri is a brand name for biscuit products and candies owned by the Győri Keksz Ltd., Hungary. In its early years the production took place in Győr with the help of only 50 professionals. In its most successful years, however, the company employed around 1000 (later even 2000) people and offered 334 different goods.

Products today

Today’s offer can be grouped along 10 categories:

  • the ‘JóReggelt’ products: corn biscuits with various flavours
  • the ‘Győri Édes’ products: short biscuits with various flavours and sponge-cakes with 3 kind of fillings
  • the ‘Negro’ products: candies with or without filling in 7 flavours
  • the ‘Pilóta’ products: short biscuits with cream or jelly filling or with chocolate covering
  • the ‘Tuc’ products: salty crackers in salt, ham or paprika flavours
  • candies in 4 different flavours
  • the ‘Győri Nápolyi’ products: wafers in 7 different flavours
  • the ‘Albert’ and ‘Korpovit’ biscuits
  • the ‘Tele’ products: salty crackers in 6 different flavours
  • ‘Háztartási keksz’: plain biscuit


Győri Keksz
Neumann Janos utca 1/E
+420 775 038 045