Halle Gate


The Halle Gate (French: Porte de Hal, Dutch: Hallepoort) is a medieval fortified city gate and the last vestige of the second walls of Brussels (Belgium). It is now a museum, part of the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH).


The museum displays exhibits about the history of the building, as well as of the City of Brussels and its defence. The collection includes the parade armor of Archduke Albert of AustriaGovernor General of the Habsburg Netherlands in the 17th century. The main parts of the museum, each on a separate floor, are:

  • Armour and Armaments, in a small room off the central passage
  • the Gothic Room, above, containing the history of the fortifications of Brussels and of the Halle Gate
  • the Guilds Room, showing the role of the trade guilds of the city
  • a temporary exhibition space
  • a walkway round the battlements, offering a panorama of the city
  • the roof space for small exhibitions


Halle Gate
150 Boulevard du Midi 1000 Brussels